40mm dia 120mm length  
50mm dia. 100mm length

50-180Reinhardt Microphone Windshield

50mm dia. 180mm length
Fits Rode VideoMic

50-200Reinhardt Microphone Windshield

50mm dia. Length 200mm


50mm dia. Length  250mm
Audio Technica AT835b
and most 10" shotgun microphones


50mm dia. Length  300mm
Audio Technica AT815a
Azden SGM-2X Long
and most 12" shotgun microphones


50mm dia. Length  350mm
For Neumann KMR82
and most 14" shotgun microphones


50mm dia. Length  400mm


Special windsock for Audio Technica AT822 6 AT825


Special windsock for Panasonic AG-DVX100
and AG-HVX-200

ECMReinhardt Microphone Windshield

Special windsock for camcorder microphones Sony ECM-HS1 & ECM-Z37C. Canon DM50,

HVRReinhardt Microphone Windshield

Special windsock for Sony HVR-F1X & HVR-Z1 HiDef videocameras


& LAPReinhardt Microphone Windshield

Supplied with a removable tie clip fastening, so that the microphone can be easily attached to most materials and surfaces.
Fits miniature clip-on / lavalier microphones :
Audio Technica: AT803b, AT831b, AT831R, AT898, AT899, ATR35s, ES943/C, ES943/O, MT830R, & PRO 70
Sony ECM-T6, ECM-T115, ECM-T145 Sennheiser MKE 2 PC, MKE 2 Gold,-C, MKE Platinum-4-C, ME 102/104/105 and most other miniature and lapel microphones.
s slightly larger and will fit larger microphones.

ME-200Reinhardt Microphone Windshield

For Sennheiser: ME66, ME80, MKE300, MKE300D, MKH416, MKH418s  Sony: ECM-670, ECM-672, C74 Audio Technica: AT4073a, AT835ST, AT897, ATR55. Beyer MCE86 AKG: CK68 Short, C568EB Azden: SGM.1X  Neumann: KMR81i Panasonic: AJ-D210, AD-D215, AJ-D40 Røde NTG-2and most 8" shotgun microphones.


For Sennheiser ME67 and most 12" shotgun microphones

PXReinhardt Microphone WindshieldReinhardt Microphone Windshield

50mm dia. Length  130mm.
Canon: XL1, XL1s, XL2, XL-H1
Panasonic: AG-MC100
Sanken CS-1 Sony: DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170, DSR200, DSR390L, DSR-570SP,  DSR-390P,  DSR-250P, DSR-PDX10P, ECM-NV1 microphone
Rode NTG-1
Most Professional Sony, Canon and Panasonic models

VXReinhardt Microphone Windshield

for the Sony VX1000, VX2000, VX2100 videocameras.
Will also fit 50mm ball microphones Shure SM58 etc.

VXLReinhardt Fur Windsock

Special fur windsock for use with the Reinhardt VXF foam windshield for the VX1000, VX2000, VX2100 videocameras for extra windnoise reduction.  

XMReinhardt Microphone Windshield

Special windsock for Canon XM1, XM2, GL1 & GL2 videocameras.
ZEP110-400Reinhardt Microphone Windshield
Fur windsock for 110mm x 400mm zeppelin housing
Fur windsock for 110mm x 750mm zeppelin housing
Fits MZW816